2022 Self-Nomination Process Now Open

November 16, 2021 | By More

STSA is currently accepting self-nominations from Active members interested in volunteering to serve on an STSA leadership committee. The deadline to submit self-nominations is Thursday, December 9, 2021. Selected nominees will begin their term on January 1, 2022. Members interested in nominating themselves to be considered for more than one position should complete the appropriate Committee questionnaire for each position of interest.

The following leadership positions are available. Please note that for each appointment, the selected nominee will become Committee Chair or Co-Chair in the final year of their term. Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs are required to attend STSA Council Meetings, which are held twice annually, in April/May and again in October before the STSA Annual Meeting. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.

Finance Committee

  • One position
  • Three-year term
  • The Finance Committee is responsible for the financial oversight of STSA ensuring its long-term financial viability. The Committee will meet in April/May and in October prior to STSA Annual Meeting. Additional meetings by conference call will be arranged as needed.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Finance Committee

Membership Committee

  • One position
  • Four-year term
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members and retaining current members, reviewing new member application documents, and making acceptance recommendations to STSA Council and members. The membership application deadline is September 15.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Membership Committee

Postgraduate Committee

  • Two positions
  • Three-year term
  • The Postgraduate Committee is responsible for planning the Postgraduate Program held in conjunction with the STSA Annual Meeting. A Committee meeting takes place each January Additional meetings will be arranged in order to finalize a program and speakers by early spring.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Postgraduate Committee

Program Committee

  • Two positions
  • Three-year term
  • The Program Committee is responsible for planning the scientific educational content of the STSA Annual Meeting. Committee members review abstract submissions in late-April through early-May. A Committee meeting takes place spring to finalize the Annual Meeting program.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Program Committee

Scholarship Committee

  • One position
  • Four-year term
  • The Scholarship Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for all STSA sponsored scholarship programs and, after consideration of the applicants, may propose scholarship recipients and finalists to the Council for approval.
  • Nominate Yourself for the Scholarship Committee

If you have any questions about the STSA governance structure and the self-nomination process, or wish to check on the status of your STSA membership, please contact STSA Headquarters at stsa@stsa.org or 312-202-5892. For detailed descriptions of each Committee, please review Article IX of the Association’s Bylaws.

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