Hawley H. Seiler Residents Award

The Hawley H. Seiler Residents Award is presented for an outstanding paper by a cardiothoracic or general surgery resident. It is bestowed upon the resident excelling in the following categories regarding their abstract submission: quality of abstract as well as manuscript and oral presentation. The award is named after STSA Past President and founding member, Hawley H. Seiler, MD. Dr. Seiler’s many contributions to STSA included serving as Secretary for 15 years and presenting on numerous topics at Annual Meetings. 

From left, STSA Hawley Seiler Residents Award Competition Recipients in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

1997—Elaine E. Tseng | Baltimore, Maryland
1998—Stephen Langley | Durham, North Carolina
1999—Aron Goldberg | Charleston, South Carolina
2000—Cullen D. Morris | Atlanta, Georgia
2001—Sitaram M. Emani | Durham, North Carolina
2002—Thomas H. Maxey | Charlottesville, Virginia
2003—Brian T. Bethea | Baltimore, Maryland
2004—Tara Karamlou | Portland, Oregon
2005—Edward John Hickey | London, England
2006—Thomas K. Varghese | Seattle, Washington
2007—Tara Karamlou | Portland, Oregon
2008—David T. Cooke | Sacramento, California
2009—Jeremiah Geoff Allen | Baltimore, Maryland
2010—Castigliano M. Bhamidipati | Charlottesville, Virginia
2011—Sameh Said | Rochester, Minnesota
2012—Timothy George | Baltimore, Maryland
2013—Rachel L. Medbery, MD | Atlanta, Georgia
2014—Damien J. LaPar, MD | Charlottesville, Virginia
2015—Emily A. Downs, MD | Charlottesville, Virginia
2016—J. Trent Magruder, MD | Baltimore, Maryland
2017—Joshua M. Rosenblum, MD |  Atlanta, Georgia
2018 – Tessa Watt, MD  |  Ann Arbor, MI
2019 – Navin Vigneshwar, MD |  Denver, Colorado                                                                                                            2020 – Annual Meeting Cancelled                                                                                                                                2021 – Anna Gergen, MD | Denver, Colorado