STSA is Asking: What is your most urgent educational need right now?

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The STSA 61st Annual Meeting was approximately six months ago, and STSA is seeking feedback from everyone who attended the meeting in Tucson, AZ, November 5-8, 2014.

All 61st Annual Meeting attendees should have a received an e-mail from STSA President, John Calhoon, MD, with a link to a brief survey. The survey is designed to help STSA determine the educational event’s long-term impact, and responses are of valuable assistance to the Program Committee as they plan the 62nd Annual Meeting.

Each STSA educational activity is designed to improve attendee competence, performance, and patient outcomes in clinical practice. Surveyed attendees are asked to rate their level of improvement in these areas since participating in the 61st Annual Meeting. STSA also collects feedback on changes that meeting attendees have implemented and any barriers they have faced in their efforts to implement changes/improvements. Honest, thorough feedback is invaluable to STSA and its ongoing efforts to deliver preeminent educational content at its Annual Meeting.

Another major purpose for this survey is to collect participant suggestions for topics or content areas that represent practice gaps in cardiothoracic surgery. Specifically, what is your most urgent educational need at the present time?

If you attended the 61st Annual Meeting, please check your e-mail and complete this brief survey by Wednesday, May 6. If you attended the meeting but did not receive a survey link, please contact Megan Drumm at or 312.202.5864.

Finally, if you did not attend the STSA 61st Annual Meeting but you would like to provide feedback, please leave your ideas in the comments section below or e-mail them to All received suggestions will be shared with the Program Committee in advance of their May 8 planning meeting.

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