STSA Member Spotlight: Elizabeth A. David, MD

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Elizabeth A. David, MD joined STSA as an Active Member in 2015. She is currently Assistant Professor General Thoracic Surgery at the David Grant Medical Center/UC Davis Medical Center. STSA Members, Dr. Shanda Blackmon and Dr. Ara Vaporciyan, nominated Dr. David for Active Membership in 2014 and her application was approved at the November 2014 Business Meeting. Prior to becoming an Active Member, Dr. David was among STSA’s first Resident Members.

STSA recently interviewed Dr. David about her experience as a new STSA Active Member.

Member Spotlight; Elizabeth A. David, MD

Dr. David (far left) attended a reception during the STSA 61st Annual Meeting held November 5-8, 2014 in Tucson, AZ with STSA Councilor, Dr. Christine Lau (second from left); STSA President-Elect, Dr. Andrea J. Carpenter (second from right); and STSA ACS Representative, Dr. Shanda Blackmon (far right).

When did you first learn about the Southern Thoracic Surgical Association?
I initially learned about the STSA from Dr. Blair Marshall, who always referred to it as one of her favorite meetings to attend. It was several years before my schedule allowed me to attend for myself though.

Please briefly summarize your educational and professional background, including your experience in the Southern region.
I completed medical school and general surgery residency at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. In 2010, I moved to Houston, TX for my cardiothoracic surgery residency at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. I continued moving west in 2012 when I moved to Northern CA to start practice.

Do you perceive the Southern Thoracic as different or unique from other membership organizations that you participate in?
YES! I have not been to every thoracic surgery organization meeting, but the size of the STSA and its Annual Meeting drew me in. Because of the meeting’s intimate size, even as a new member I feel like I know a lot of other members and that they are getting to know me. It’s welcoming to be at a meeting where you are greeted with friendly faces who seem genuinely glad that you are there.

Welcome and introduce yourself to Dr. David and all of STSA’s newest members this November at the 62nd Annual Meeting. Pick them out by looking for the green new member ribbon on attendees’ name badges.

Learn more about STSA membership at and contact STSA Headquarters with questions about membership at or 800.685.7872.

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