STSA Welcomes 56 New Members

February 16, 2017 | By More

STSA membership voted to confirm the applications for 56 new Active, Associate, Candidate and Pre-Candidate members during the November 11, 2016 Annual Business Meeting. STSA gratefully acknowledges the Membership Committee’s work in recruiting and reviewing applications over the past year. Chaired by James Robert Headrick, MD, 2016 Membership Committee Members also included Edward Chen, MD; Andrew Lodge, MD; and Edward Savage, MD.

The deadline to submit application materials for consideration at the November 2017 Business Meeting is September 15, 2017.

Learn more about STSA member categories and download an application:

Active Members

  • Raed M. Alnajjar, MD
  • Brett Beecher, MD
  • Donnell K. Bowen, DO
  • Stephen R. Broderick, MD
  • Lisa M. Brown, MD, MAS
  • Errol L. Bush, MD
  • Wilson Monroe Clements, MD
  • David C. Cleveland, MD, MBA
  • William C. Conner, MD
  • Matthew R. Danter, MD, FRCSC
  • David A. Fullerton, MD
  • Dawn L. Hui, MD
  • Robert J. Keenan, MD
  • TK Susheel Kumar, MD
  • Lawrence Lee, MD
  • Virginia Litle, MD
  • Jenifer L. Marks, MD
  • HelenMari Merritt Genore, DO
  • Raghav Murthy, MD
  • Alykhan S. Nagji, MD
  • Soumya R. Neravetla, MD
  • Brian L. Pettiford, MD
  • J. Matthew Reinersman, MD
  • Sameh Said, MD
  • Gary S. Schwartz, MD
  • John H. Storey, MD
  • Benjamin Wei, MD
  • Derek E. Williams, MD
  • Leora T. Yarboro, MD

Associate Members

  • Michael Lapp, PA-C
  • Michael Loga, MSN-FNP
  • Nathan Woody, FNP-C

Candidate Members

  • Michael Archer, DO
  • Gautam Bhatia, MD
  • Alejandro Bribriesco, MD
  • Nels Carrol, MD
  • Tessa Cartwright, MD, MPH
  • Julie Doberne, MD, PhD
  • John Evans, MD
  • Meredith Harrison, MD
  • Matt Johnston, MD
  • Christopher Lawrance, MD
  • Bradley Lenoir, MD, MBA
  • Giovanni Piovesana, MD
  • Joshua Rosenblum, MD, PhD
  • Raina Sinha, MD, MPH
  • William Smith, DO
  • John Stringham, MD
  • Luis Velazco, MD
  • Brittany Zwischenberger, MD

Pre-Candidate Members

  • Hasina Maredia
  • Adishesh Narahari
  • Joshua Parreco
  • Benjamin Smood
  • Stanley Wolfe
  • Sara-Catherine Zingg

Congratulations and welcome to all of STSA’s newest members! Contact STSA Headquarters with questions about membership at or 312.202.5892.

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