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Five STSA Past Presidents Identified in 1955 AATS Annual Meeting Photo

STSA staff recently came across a letter from STSA Past President, Edward R. Munnell, MD, including a photo taken sixty years ago at the 1955 American Association for Thoracic Surgery Annual Meeting in Atlantic City.

The photo features five STSA Past Presidents, including Dr. Munnell himself (STSA Past President, 1967) along with James E. Dailey, MD (1962); DeWitt C. Daughtry, MD (1961); Joseph W. Peabody, Jr., MD (1977); and Hawley H. Seiler, MD (1971).

As many STSA members plan to attend the AATS 95th Annual Meeting in Seattle later this month, it seemed only appropriate to share this image and Dr. Munnell’s 2003 letter with the STSA community. Dr. Munnell’s letter to STSA staff read:

Dear Christine,

I just found this old photograph showing many of the lovely members of the STSA and six past presidents. This also shows close friends of mine from the thoracic cardiovascular surgery section of the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

I hope this will be of interest.

Best wishes.

Edward Munnell

STSA Past Presidents Identified in 1955 AATS Annual Meeting Photo

STSA Past Presidents, members, and friends attended the AATS Annual Meeting in Atlantic City in 1955.

Individuals pictured are listed from bottom left:

  • Edward R. Munnell, MD (STSA Past President, 1967);
  • Conrad R. Lam, MD;
  • DeWitt C. Daughtry, MD (STSA Past President, 1961);
  • Takeshi Ohara, MD;
  • Robert E. McCall, Jr., MD;
  • Edgar Dovis, MD;
  • Joseph W. Peabody, Jr. (STSA Past President, 1977);
  • J. Moore, MD;
  • James E. Dailey, MD (STSA Past President, 1962);
  • Mrs. Mary Walkup;
  • Hawley H. Seiler, MD (STSA Past President, 1971);
  • Harry Walkup, MD; and
  • John Rayl, MD.

If you have historical STSA photos that you would like to share with the STSA community, please contact STSA Executive Director, Megan Drumm, at mdrumm@stsa.org.

View the note that Dr. Munnell sent to STSA in 2003, including a diagram of the table identifying each individual pictured in the photograph:

Dr. Munnell's Note to STSA

Dr. Munnell’s note included a detailed diagram identifying each individual pictured.

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